Our Parish


In May 2007, as part of his reorganisation of the Huddersfield Deanery, Bishop Arthur Roche established a new parish to serve the northern urban area of Huddersfield.  

The parish has three churches: the church of St. Patrick’s in the town centre, the church of the Holy Family, Slaithwaite to serve the western area and the church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Sheepridge to serve the eastern area.  

Over the summer of 2007, the parish was formed. Sadly, this involved the closure of the church of St. Brigid, Lowergate and the chapel of St. Bernadette, Bradley. In late 2007, the church of St. James, Oakes also closed. 

The eventual plan is for three priests to live in the centre of Huddersfield to serve the whole parish and to provide chaplaincy to the hospital.  

In September 2007, the parish was named as the Parish of the Holy Redeemer and it will go forward under his most special patronage. 

2007 presented a challenging time for all affected by the change, and none more so than for the communities at St Brigid's, St James' and St Bernadette's.

However, Bishop Arthur asked everyone in the new parish to do all in their power to welcome and support them during the time of transition. At the same time, all must work towards forming a new identity harnessing the talents and skills that will be now be available for the good of the wider community.

As Bishop Arthur said in his homily, to mark the 175th anniversary of the opening of St. Patrick’s Church: “It is our faith, which with help of God and our own prayers, that will help to continue the growth of the new parish of Holy Redeemer, as the Church in Huddersfield enters a new era”